Affiliate Marketing Mastermind For Entrepreneurs Group Resource!
Welcome to the resources section, below is a list of top programs I use in my every day business.  Full disclosure: The links below are affiliate links.  Please note that these are trusted companies that I use and I would not recommend them to my audience if it was anything otherwise.


A useful tool to build landing pages, check out pages, and courses.
Commission Structure:
40% commissions every single month
$38 PER MONTH on $97 plan
$118 PER MONTH on $297 plan
$398 commission for FunnelHacks autowebinar
Many additional offers to promote with varying payouts
Dotcom Secrets Book

This book will teach you the fundamentals of funnel building, follow up, email marketing and the "why" behind your stories.  You can get the book for free!

Here is my own share funnel

This is exact funnel I’m using to build a massive email list for free while earning tons of affiliate commissions while I sleep. I give you the offers, funnel, ad copy, email sequence, traffic source and video training series all for FREE!


If you are trying to build an audience, you most definitely need an email automated sequence set up and convertkit is a company I use.  They allow for segmentation and tagging so it will help you send the correct sequences to the right group of people.  Once you sign up, message me your screen name (through the facebook group) and I will send you my Convertkit Video course.

Udimi is a marketplace for something called Solo Ads.  You can pay influencers with large email lists to broadcast your email/link.  Most of the time they use their own email template and just put your link in there.  So do not worry so much about the copy when you contact them.  Each influencer on Udimi is rated by the market so you can shop around and see which influencer's email list is right for you.  This way you do not start from scratch!

Get a $5 credit and a welcome email from me with solo ad tips and my recommended sellers when you complete this step and create your free account.


How do you know if the links you are including in your campaigns and websites are actually being clicked on and making money?  ClickMagick tracks all of this and is crucial for having your money work for you the smart way.  You can ramp up what works and stop what doesn't work.  Once you sign up, email me your screen name and I will send you my ClickMagick video course to help get you started.

$10,000 Affiliate Case Study

Spencer Mecham is the top affiliate for Clickfunnels.  He did over a million in affiliate sales in the course of 18 months.  Within his first month, he did $10,000 and this is his case study!  Valuable to watch.

Expert Secrets Free Book

This is Russell Brunson's latest best selling book.  Even if you are NOT an expert in your marketplace, this book will give you the roadmap on how position yourself as one.  The book is free but you do have to pay shipping.  This is required reading for anyone in my Affiliate Marketing Mastermind for Entrepreneurs group.

Looking to hire a Virtual Assistant to help you with everything?

I run my team on virtual assistants I train online and you've heard of everyone going, "Yeah, I just have my VA edit my videos" or "I have my VA write my copy".  Well, the link below will lead you to a place where you can hire your virtual assistant!  It is a well vetted site with a great reputation.

Group Funnels

Instead of copying and pasting email addresses and names from those who join my facebook group one by one, I use group funnels to bulk add the contacts into my email autoresponder.  This is the free "organic" leads everyone talks about using a facebook group because I pay $0 for these leads! =P.

Schedule Your Coaching Call

The final step.  After you have completed the previous steps, book your 45 minutes coaching call with me.  We will convene on Zoom and help you bring everything together to make sure you have everything set up for success as quickly as possible.  On top of that, I will provide you with a recording of the call as a bonus.  When you get the coaching call, I will give you two other share funnels to help you get started.

Kim C. Dang
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